Our kitchen, and half of our living room

This is how our kitchen looked the day we moved in, minus the bar stools and place settings.  The entire condo was painted in this dull beige color. Why anyone would paint their entire home the same color is beyond me! The color of your walls is an expression of yourself, and all that this color expressed was “yawn.” Thankfully, we only have 1 remaining room left to paint. This was a major feat given the high ceilings and our lack of anything to stand on.

All appliances and hardware remain the same

We didn’t have a couch in here for 6 weeks!

We ordered a custom fabric from JCPenney’s during their Memorial Day sale and

had to wait that long for it to be built. We spent the first 2 weeks

eating pizza or microwave meals sitting on the living room floor, with a empty box as our table. After week 2 we purchased a leather futon from the Dump for $150 for temporary use. It now lives in our office/spare room. We also purchased our coffee table from the Dump clearance section for $150. After buying the Lack tv stand from Ikea for $50, we had a makeshift living ro

om set. (All we moved in with was a 50 inch tv, dinnerware, and glassware. Priorities).

**More to come on the Lack TV unit.