No this is not my pantry (


Our laundry room is a great feature of the condo. I love having the washer/dryer out of the way. I also love having it so close to the bedroom. In our last place we had to trek down to the dark, cold basement late at night when the urge would rise for clean clothes. We also have room for guest linens, extra towels, workout gear, and other necessities that would fall under “miscellaneous.”

But I long for a formal pantry. We don’t have much cabinet space in our kitchen, especially given my addiction to excess barware and gadgety appliances. Besides the fridge, we only have 1 cabinet for food, and it’s below the breakfast bar. Needless to say, groceries are often forgotten about until they are rotten.

Just in these 3 top cabinets, I keep: every day drink glasses, beer steins, pint glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, martini glasses, brandy glasses, margarita glasses, martini shaker, coffee mugs, plates, bowls, smaller bowls, smallest bowls, really I could go on. I would love to have a section in my imaginary pantry for barware. Those slots that are installed onto the bottom of shelves that hold wine glasses by the base…that would be ideal.

Plenty of shelves for dry foods and snacks are a must. I also can’t forget about all the existing things in there. I need to keep room for: laundry detergent, weights, yoga mat, broom, mop, sneakers, winter coats, umbrellas, toilet paper, paper towels. Maybe even a pull out hamper? Ugh! This is definitely going to become a major project. Did I mention the space available for these shelves is one 5 foot-long wall about 2 feet deep? The ceiling, however is higher than average at about 9 feet.

This is beautiful and if I keep room on the right for a small coat rack and the mop and broom, this is about all I have width for. I, however, feel like I have much more to store than pictured here. A winery just opened up down the street. Although I tend to finish a bottle before having time to store it, a small wine rack would be nice. 39 bottle capacity is wayy too much for me. Maybe I’d just keep the top left, enough to hold 5 bottles. Perfect for unexpected company. Pots and pans are covered so I don’t really need space for those in here. The more I analyze this pantry from closet world, the more I realize it’s only the size that first attracted me.





More suitable pantries pictured below:


Just my style, but no room for anything but food


Wine storage!

The pantry on the left in beige is from

To the right with wine storage,

The yellow pantry that looks reasonably priced, I found at