You’ve seen our bedroom. The headboard blends into the wall with a very similar color scheme. To add some contrast and make the headboard pop, I wanted to add gold canopy netting around the head of the bed.

Something like this, but in half.  Our ceiling fan is right over the foot of the bed, so a 4 poster canopy is out of the question.

Something like this, but instead of a ring at the top, the mesh would be fastened to the wall or ceiling..

This is gorgeous, and it even resembles our bedroom. (We’re not using posts because we don’t want to subtract visually from the room size, but the curtain behind the headboard here is exactly what I was going for.


Instead, I got this…


What resembles a 1987 Las Vegas honeymoon suite. Fastened with only tacks, I put it up hastily to see what it would look like. It is coming down immediately and I am hesitant about making a second attempt.

To be honest, I had second thoughts about even posting this photo. But I made this site as a portfolio of my good ideas, and sometimes you have to wade through the bad and the ugly to get to the good.

The first 3 photos are from , , & respectively. Last photo is my own, regretfully.