I’ve spent the past 5 months decorating my home and while it’s still needs some finishing touches, I’m taking a break to makeover my mom’s master bedroom. The change of scenery will  likely give me a push of inspiration. Isn’t it always when shopping for others that we find the best things for ourselves?

I don’t want to mislead…my mom isn’t exactly begging me to do this for her. In fact, I’ve been trying to convince her to let me do this for years. The combination of my own home as an example and her last daughter leaving for college was what finally persuaded her that it was time for a change. But it’s not going to be easy.

My mom and I have very different styles. She’s country, I’m rock & roll. She’s traditional, I’m modern. She doesn’t mind clutter as long as it’s sanitized, I prefer storage to be unseen. Decorating for someone else is different, because I don’t want to insult someone’s style or overstep my boundaries. I was forced to step outside the box, and it was a great experience for me.

Client demands:

  • Color must stay in the purple family.
  • Bed spread stays
  • Furniture set stays
  • Carpet stays (eek!)
  • Build a Headboard


  • Furniture can be moved as long as the bed stays in the “large” part of the room
  • Border can (and will!) be removed
  • New lamps
  • Artwork in addition to existing children’s portraits
  • TV stand (handed down from my great grandmother) will go and TV will be wall mounted
  • New window treatments

The white table was moved in here during the living room renovation, and has never left. It doesn’t match the furniture in here at all. In it’s place will be a seating area with a smaller table in dark wood.

(Above: The top photo on the right wall is my baby picture)


This arrangement makes the room seem much smaller than it really is. Even though the living room was just renovated, my mom spends most of her time in the bedroom. She has 6 sisters and when they’re over (in singles or pairs), they’re in this room. By putting the bed against the right wall (where the bureau is now), the room will look longer and open up an area for hanging out and sitting other than the bed. The bureau will go where the bed is now. The mirror will be the first thing seen upon entering, another trick to visually increasing size. The armoire must stay in that corner for lack of other options, but I haven’t decided if it will remain caddy-corner yet.

Stay Tuned…