So Christmas has passed and we’ve all moved on to New Years’ Eve. I will be celebrating the end of 2010 with an intimate dinner party, complete with adult beverages, sequins, and a peacock hair pin. Much like Halloween, NYE should be a time of outrageous wardrobes. The difference is that you want to look outrageously good, not outrageously inappropriate.


My Halloween costume consisted of mismatched items from my closet and a few accessories from Five Below. That really won’t fly for this specific night. I need a fancy dress, high heels, some sparkly earrings, a clutch, sky high eyelashes, etc. etc. It adds up. So while I’ve been perusing the racks for something to tickle my fancy, it occurred to me that spending $100, maybe multiple hundreds on a dress only appropriate for 1 night of the year seemed a little irrational. So comes the time for me to introduce Extravagance to Rational.

This mannequin from Macy’s has just the right amount of bling and poof. Unfortunately I am not 9 feet tall nor does Macy’s actually carry this dress. So this year I’ve decided to tone down the dress and tone up the accessories. Gold sequin sling backs, the a fore-mentioned peacock hair pin, bangles, necklaces, earrings…basically I’ll be dripping in costume jewelry. Add all that to the above dress and it’s overkill. Pair it with a LBD…Rational Elegance.



*(All accessories are from Pier 1. Shoes are from Sears.)