I recently moved into a new condo and have become overly obsessed with decorating it. I have slightly over 800 square feet to work with and am almost complete 4 months in. Of course I’ll never be completely complete, but that’s why it’s called an obsession.
As I run out of projects in my existing space, I’ve turned to family and friends for a fix. Try redecorating your mother’s bedroom when she won’t get over the color purple or the hideous border from the 70s.
Before I fell in love with decorating homes, my passion was (and still is, only less so) making clothes. I love fabric. I love couture. I love receiving compliments on something I just ripped from my sewing machine hours earlier.
I should add that I am not exactly rolling in dough, but have become quite skilled at bargain hunting and DIY.
This site is intended as not only a portfolio of my work, but also a catalog of my thoughts and stresses along the way of each project.