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It’s a woman’s prerogative, right?

People used to ask me how the condo was coming along, and my answer almost always seemed to be “Really great, we’re almost done decorating!” I would laugh along when they replied “You’re never really done. And when you are, it’s time to move.” But in my head I would think how every decision I’ve made thus far is beautiful and wonderful and I’ll never grow tired of it.

Apparently never is equivalent to 8 months in the life of a decorator.

I’ve slowed down considerably in the past few months, happy, nay – ecstatic, with the way things were. But now as the holidays have become just a memory and the decorations are stored away in the office closet, I’m charging full force back into condo decor.

Our bedroom has become dull and lifeless.

Our office is lacking a craft space.



Our bathroom resembles an olive. 

You’re probably shaking your heads, some of you knowing this feeling all too well, some of you bewildered with my seemingly sudden change of heart. But fret not! All these rooms need are a little tweak here, a pop of color there, and I will be back on my honeymoon!

We moved here in May. With the whole summer ahead of us, I was out every night gathering inspiration and creating magic (aka beautiful decor), thanks to the sights and scenes that can be taken in while enjoying outdoor seating at 1 of the many restaurants on our block.

With the winter months upon us, all I want to do is go home and cuddle up on the couch in my snuggie. A boring home makes me sluggish, a sluggish me makes a boring home, what a conundrum! Well Mother Nature can’t get me down! Effective immediately, I will be assigning myself homework and deadlines. Follow me on Twitter or Like me on Facebook to keep up with my daily homework assignments and to offer suggestions for projects.

Viva la Condo!


The Bathroom…As ‘After’ as it’s going to get for right now.


..becomes this!

Oddly enough, our bathroom is only slightly smaller than our dining room at 8×6. But unlike the dining room, I had a blast decorating it!           

The color scheme was decided for us by the existing floor. It is dark tile in blue, red, and brown tones. We needed something that didn’t clash with the gold living room (foreshadowing) So we went with an olive green color on the walls, brown and beige towels, and red accents.           

Although it looks great now (I hope), the color scheme did lead to issues at first. Will the red and green look Christmasy? Will the brown and red look woodsy? Will this floor clash with everything? But little by little it all tied together.           

I am still searching for the right sized towel for the bar that hangs over the shower. For now it looks a little out of place. (You can tell we’re both tall right?)       




 After dreaming of the jacuzzi and rainfall showerheads, I took measurements, and sadly enough, the only jacuzzi we could fit is the walk-in kind. I still think these are awesome, but from $5000 and up, I’ll keep dreaming for now. Still looking into spa-like showerheads though…

The bathroom, as it was

This ‘before’ photo doesn’t do our bathroom justice. For starters, the shower curtain is no more. The mirror was also a tragedy that needed to go. But it is impossible to show the true size of this bathroom from only 1 angle. I’m not saying it is large by any means, but this photo makes the bathroom resemble a stall in my office building.

Lowe's jacuzzi - $795

If I had the money, I would get a square jacuzzi tub, angle the toilet as not to interfere with the tub, and place the vanity on the left wall. Better yet, while I’m imagining a large budget, I’d ditch this vanity altogether and go for the streamlined sink look.

Lowe's - $534

But with no money, I’ve opted for a fresh coat of paint and some Target fixtures instead. Luckily, the floor is already beautiful stone tile.

In such a small space, it may seem hard to upgrade without starting some major damage, but a little effort goes a long way. TJ Maxx and Home Goods have secured a safe place in my bathroom.

‘After’ pictures to follow.

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