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Home Depot Designer Coasters

Coasters are something that you don’t go out specifically to shop for, but instead may remember to look at if you’re already out. We’ve acquired a few of the cheap cardboard bar coasters in our lives, not exactly worthy of my champagne tastes, but have made do for the time being. Well that time has expired. I grew tired of the coaster sticking to my glass every time I went for a sip. I needed heavy duty coasters to protect our hand stained coffee table. To Home Depot!

I know what you’re thinking: huh? Coasters at Home Depot?

Yes! Designer couture coasters!

These are heavy duty floor tiles, $2 each.

With a little glue and a patch of felt ($.49)…

My tables are protected from water marks and my glass can rest comfortably (and fashionably) upon.

If there’s someone you haven’t yet shopped for, or if you want to add a little supplement to the bar-ware you bought your mom, these are perfect. The malls are PACKED this week, but Home Depot is not! This project cost me 5 minutes and $8.50. Wrap some ribbon around the stack and present it beautifully under the tree.

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…

We’ve had our tree up for the past 2 weeks but it took as long to be camera-ready. In addition to a light snafu…as in we didn’t buy enough…we also had no wrapped gifts under the tree. And a decorated tree without some holiday joy underneath is nothing more than a mischief night spectacle.

Chris and I went to 2 different tree farms before relinquishing to the $50 price tag for a 6½ foot tree. Since we’re new to the area and only knew of a few tree farms that we pass during our daily commutes, we figured that we could possibly end up spending more on gas and time looking for a less expensive tree. (The next day we passed the Produce Junction 2 blocks from our home with a sign that read “All Trees: $27”). The lessons we learn.

As this year marks the first time Chris and I would have our own tree, we were faced with many decisions that would affect all future Christmases. Having no decorations already, we also had to buy the tree stand, skirt, ornaments, etc. etc. that we will continue to use year after year.A trip to Kmart and $100 later, we were ready to begin.

Real or fake?

My family has always used a real tree. My dad would have it no other way. Chris’ family uses a fake tree. A fake tree may be more practical and would eventually prove to be less expensive, but having nowhere to store a tree 11 months out of the year, we had no choice but to go real. Chris was excited by the authentic pine tree smell, and he also got to show off his newly acquired handy-man skills.

It didn’t fit. Chris had to scrape off the sappy bark with a steak knife. It worked perfectly and while we may have 1 less steak knife, we now have an arts & crafts knife. Win-win!

The supplies:

We used red and gold as our color scheme. Anything more than 2 colors starts to look tacky in my opinion, and while some people define Christmas as tacky, I like to keep it simple.

Candy canes are a must on any tree. We bought 4 boxes and have probably eaten half of that since. Eating food straight off a tree, how much more natural can we get!


Skirted tree:

Skirted tree wrapped in ribbon with sporadically placed red ornaments:

Fully ornamented with star on top and popcorn bin underneath.

Above you can see the light snafu I mentioned earlier. We only bought 150 lights, thinking that was plenty. By the time we had realized it wasn’t, we were in our sweatpants with Christmas music blaring and hot chocolate in the microwave. It took another week and a half before her bottom was lit up.

Twinkle twinkle

(The peacock perched above is a prelude to my New Years Eve attire).

Here is a close up of the “snow” we used for the first and last time. It was essentially a bag of glitter that now comes to work with us on our faces, coats and shoes. Every inch of our floor, even after several sweeps, now sparkles with faux snow. Opt out.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun tradition at any age. It brings families together and enhances the holiday spirit. With work, school and other obligations, the last week of December can sneak up on a person. But there’s no forgetting the holiday joy when you come home to a tree that you decorated with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Cyber Monday is here!

Thanksgiving 2010 is officially over but I thoroughly made the best of it. I woke up at 11 every morning and had bacon and eggs for breakfast, a hearty turkey and potatoes lunch, and pumpkin bread and similar pastries for dinner. It was a sad moment waking up at 7:30 this morning and having oatmeal on my way out the door, gym bag in tow.

But I’m over it already because today is Cyber Monday! For those of you who made it out this Friday, I sincerely hope the hassle was worth your while. I live near the 2nd largest mall in America and got caught in 40 minutes of crawling traffic just trying to pass it on Friday! It’s going to be a long month.

I usually plan ahead for Christmas gifts, at least with an idea of what to get for various family members. Electronics and clothes are usually my go-to. Dresses or kitchen gadgets for my sisters and mom; cologne, books, or a trendy new electric toy for the 3 men in my life. But this year I decided to take full advantage of a stress-free Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t even allow Christmas tunes in the car until today.

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for today, surfing the web for a good deal on a camera or TV can be quite overwhelming. Below I’ve outlined a few great deals, in my frugal opinion, seen around the web today. And just think, no waiting in lines!

Last Christmas, before I had ever even heard of Cyber Monday, I ordered Chris a 50″ TV from Amazon’s “open-box warehouse” special. Until yesterday I’d never seen a better deal for such a large TV (if you’re reading this after Monday I suggest you try Amazon specials for such large items). But Best Buy is trying hard to compete. Today on their website only, you can purchase a 60″ Mitsubishi television for $599, $400 lower than the original price.

I’m not an expert in the electronic field, so I can’t vouch for Mitsubishi, but a 60″ TV for the average price of a 32″ sounds like a bargain no matter what the brand is.

If 60″ isn’t your thing, Walmart is selling this 7″ swivel Undercounter TV for $89.99. This is great for someone who likes to follow along with Giada de Laurentiis or just enjoys the background noise while cooking. It includes a timer, FM radio, and remote control..the perfect kitchen companion.

If you know someone who still drives sans GPS, catch them up with the times for under $100! Amazon is offering this TomTom 5-inch for $89.99, seen elsewhere originally for $229. I don’t know where we would be without our TomTom, probably stuck in Georgia somewhere…which may not be so bad. Who can rely on Mapquest these days with all the unexpected detours and spontaneous food stops that are inevitable on a road trip! This is a steal!

Most clothing stores are also offering free shipping along with a percentage or flat amount discount.

Check out all the deals at CyberMonday. Happy shopping! If you miss out on Cyber Monday and can’t stand to pay full price, understandably, I’ll be posting several DIY gift how-to’s all month long.

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