Our bedroom was used as storage for the first 3 weeks, with space reserved against the wall for an air mattress. That’s right. An air mattress. For 3 weeks. My back is only now just recovering. (This is not our bed. We ordered our cloud-like bed, along with our couch, from JCPenney during their Memorial day sale). I’ll save the details of what went into decorating our bedroom for when I post the ‘after’ shot.

Although it’s still a work in progess, I am in love with how it’s turning out and probably only have about 15% to go.

Our master closet

(You can catch a glimpse of our bed set in the photo to the left).

Boxes of shoes and bags of clothes filled the room until the closet was ready. I wish I had a ‘before’ photo but I wasn’t thinking this far ahead at the time. One measly shelf sat wall to wall. About a foot and a half lower than where the new shelves sit, it was hung too low to hold a few maxi dresses that fit my 5’9 frame.

So I gutted it and rebuilt it to my standards, all for about $100. Now I have room for everything! (Shoes shown are only flats, heels are a whole other closet).

All shelves are from Lowe’s. Center unit is comprised of 4 separate components from Target.

**It may look like his side is unfairly small, but the closet protrudes further to the left than shown. I swear, it was evenly distributed.

Organization comes easy with space

Our old closet was a DISASTER. It was a “walk-in” with an angled ceiling that went from 6 feet high at the door, to 2 feet low in the rear. It was 3 feet wide, with clothes lining both sides. It was like crawling into a cave every time I needed something from the back. Needless to say, any attempt at organization was useless. But NOW! Now, everything is within sight, making wardrobe choices much easier in the morning. Laundry doesn’t pile up from fear of the closet exploding. Life is easier.

The 2 baskets to the left of the photo are from Walmart. The rattan basket on the right (which I will photograph at a better angle later) was a flea market purchase from the Basket Lady.

You can see other items from The Basket Lady here. http://www.basketlady.biz/