Just as I predicted, whilst decorating my mom’s bedroom, inspiration struck for my own home.

The dining room has come a long way since I last posted photos a month ago. For one, the paint is finished. I also purchased place settings to dress the table nicely, as well as pillows to dress the bench. I just bought window scarves today to try out over the entrance…fingers crossed on that one.

While watching Design on a Dime on HGTV, I saw a beautiful piece of art made from bookends.

The designer turned the bookends upside down and placed tea-light candles on each one. I LOVED this idea, but couldn’t find cheap bookends anywhere! I tried Amazon, Overstock, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc etc…all at least $12 each for something this regal looking. I temporarily gave up until recently, while browsing Etsy, I discovered corbels. I had no idea what these were, only saw the picture, the $3 price tag, and knew I had struck gold. The ones I found were very small and the seller didn’t have enough available, so I googled “corbels” and bought 12 from www.crown-molding.com. Total: $60 (plus $20 shipping). I plan on painting them gold before hanging them as shown on the back wall of my dining room.

Now for the real inspiration: A few weeks ago while at my dad’s house, I came across an old spatula box (apparently spatulas came in boxes?) in his garage full of photos from his youth. I took it, deciding to make a few copies and creative wall art for my place. Unfortunately, they’ve sat in a cabinet above my fridge since then.

This weekend while continuing my mom’s bedroom makeover, I happened upon a wedding photo of my grandmother (who passed before I was born). News to me: she had a double wedding and the brides wore identical dresses, unheard of these days. I also took this (with permission), realizing that my vintage photo collection is growing and therefore my opportunities expanding.

I’ve been brainstorming all day about how to display the photos. Our condo is very modern, and I don’t want them to be placed on a shelf out of sight. These deserve attention, they demand it! The dining room popped out as the location. It has broken free from the rest of the condo decor and would host these photos beautifully. Still… how to hang them? On a shelf? The wall? Mismatched frames? Scattered?  I’m 24, I don’t want it looking like my grandmother’s basement.

It was finally suggested to me that I hang the old photos on one wall, all enlarged in a sepia tone, and on the opposite wall hang recent pictures of my friends and I in a pop-art print (sandwiching the corbel wall). I instantly fell in love and am already shopping for frames…gold tone.
I am going to keep a symmetrical pattern and hang my favorite photos in neat columns as shown above. Hopefully I make it to a photo lab this week for copies (have to protect the originals)!