This ‘before’ photo doesn’t do our bathroom justice. For starters, the shower curtain is no more. The mirror was also a tragedy that needed to go. But it is impossible to show the true size of this bathroom from only 1 angle. I’m not saying it is large by any means, but this photo makes the bathroom resemble a stall in my office building.

Lowe's jacuzzi - $795

If I had the money, I would get a square jacuzzi tub, angle the toilet as not to interfere with the tub, and place the vanity on the left wall. Better yet, while I’m imagining a large budget, I’d ditch this vanity altogether and go for the streamlined sink look.

Lowe's - $534

But with no money, I’ve opted for a fresh coat of paint and some Target fixtures instead. Luckily, the floor is already beautiful stone tile.

In such a small space, it may seem hard to upgrade without starting some major damage, but a little effort goes a long way. TJ Maxx and Home Goods have secured a safe place in my bathroom.

‘After’ pictures to follow.